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Today's tarot horoscopes, astrology predictions, and daily numerology for Tuesday, July 30, , is here, by zodiac sign. Sep 17, Sun enters constellation Virgo To view the calendar in Gujarati change language using the settings option below. List of all Hindu festivals, holidays in September, is given below.

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Recent years of the Pig include , , , , , , , , and Don't hesitate! You might learn useful business information. Daily Horoscope September 30, A new beginning approaches, and not just the beginning of this week. Final Thought for the September 15 Zodiac — Words do matter. About Horoscopes. If its your birthday today: A milestone that seemed impossible Calendar for the month of September, While life will go on, for most people who take pride in their zodiac signs like me a pieces and the many people who have tattooed their zodiac sign this will not only come as a shock but also an irritation.

This is called a stellium. According to NASA, here is what happened. September Full Moon Names. Moon Libra Sextile Jupiter Sagittarius This represents a fine constellation for social and material success. Click on your zodiac sign and see what your zodiac sign has in store for you in the New Year In fact, each zodiac is so precise that it is assigned a particular year, month, day, and even hour.

Bank or Finance Company experience an asset. Excellent Fringe Benefits. Apply in writing with complete resume to: Mr. Box Port Alberni, B. Bowness is retiring from the practice of law. As of January 1st, , the practice formerly carried on by Mr. P-following price indicates pot option. School District 88 Terrace.

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Box This office s practice consists of a large diversified clientele of small and medium-sized corporate clients representing a broad range of industries as well as professional clients. The Tax Trainee will receive training and experience leading to specialization in the tax field.

The Audit Senior will be responsible for the field work of both corporate and professional clients and will receive training and experience leading to supervisory positions. Please reply in confidence to S.

Wednesday, January 10,. In particular, he will provide guidance to the company on its social and political responsibilities and purposes.

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Canada playing games? Good bulls Good feeder steers over pounds Good feeder heifers over pounds 64 66 50 Slaughter steers sold steady with only light receipts sold early. Slaughter heifers traded Si higher. D1 2 cows of oood condition traded a full S2 higher D3andD5cowstradedsi higher. Good bologna bulls met a good export de mand at prices S3. Good bulls 63 TORONTO — Canadian trust companies Tuesday began raising interest rates paid on savings accounts and guaranteed investment certificates, in response to the recent Bank of Canada bank rate increase.

Announcement W. Whelan CM. Evans J.


Members of senior management, located in Calgary, include William J. Whelan, president; Colin M. Evans, executive vice-president; and Joseph S. Irwin, Jr. Kaiser Oil Ltd. Edgar F. Kaiser, Jr. Applicants must be eligible for registration in B C. Serious seller has priced this estate property for quick sale Superb 3-bedroom 1 down , full basement home on a glorous 50x fenced family lot.

Who says Santa only comes once a year? To co-ordinate the student summer work programme and job placement activities Qualifications include a general education to the University level or suitable administrative training and experience. Personnel Services, University of Victoria. The Flames rallied to best Buffalo Sabres and stay within two points of second place. Three power-play cash-ins wore the difference in Wash- jim tang Montreal Canadiens have prevailed in the last three Stanley Cup playoffs. In those three seasons they won lost 29 and tied 34 games in schedule play, and their combined schedule and playoff log is Onlv Harlem Globe Trotters have figures like that, but think of what it might have been had the Montreal lineup included Trottler.

Gare and Hickey. And It could have. As Canadiens continued a dynasty which has managed H victories in the last 24 Stanley Cup playdowns. Sam Pollock emerged as something special in the way of gen eral managers. He was resented, nut the success of his club also brought respect and grudging admiration.

He has often been credited with almost super natural abilities, and there is reason to believe that Canadiens may be vulnerable without him — it being unlikely they can find a replacement who can get and keep the kind of power he wielded. But there is some myth to the Pollock legend. Perhaps no one else could have done better, or as well, but the Canadiens were by no means infallible during Pollock's regime. There has been considerable good luck and there is some truth to claims that Canadiens have been able to stay on top with draft choices because they started from a position of strength land have been able to use quantity to get enough quality.

But luck played a part in other successes, including a second one in Canadiens had three first-round choices that year, having done everything possible to make sure of Lafleur. And they were even luckier in when they added defenceman Billy Nvrop. They got him in the fifth round, 66tn overall, after previously taking players named Ed Gilbert and Dave Ellenbaas.

In , Canadiens had the second draft pick but they were really interested only in Denis Potvln, and with New York Islanders not about to yield first choice. Pollock started some typical trading. With St. Louis Blues, who had the eighth draft pick, anxious to get John Davidson and Pollock anxious to keep the big goalkeeper from Boston Bruins, who had the sixth pick, he then traded draft positions with the Blues.

They were particularly inept, it seems, in their search for a goalkeeper. They have had Ken Dryden since , but only because the Bruins also erred and let him go years after Canadiens passed Dryden up — In the draft, when they had the sixth and 12th chokes and lit on fellows named Claude Chagnon and Allen Guy.

They made Phil Myre and Michel Plasse their first draft picks in and In Not bad, but only until it is noted that Trottier, Chouinard and Qare, and Ron Sedlbauer, too, were still around after Canadiens had finished their first-round selecting. Martinuik, Moe St. And Instead of Connor. Mark Napier. Dave Gardner. Bill Barber. Bob MacMillan, Bob Sirois. Gary Sargent. Jim Watson and Eric Vail. Defenceman Bob Dailey was the key man on the Philadelphia odd-man plays, drawing assists on all three power-play goals. Rick MacLeish and Dennis Ververgaert, scoring for the second time since since being obtained from the Canucks, got Flyers off to a start and they stayed ahead to mark up their 15th win in 19 games against a club w hich has never beaten them.

But the goal that counted the most came midway through the second period. The 29th of the year for Trottier, it also turned out to be the winner. He later added an assist to make it 68 points for the Islanders first 38 games and put himself two points ahead of Guy La fleur, who is three games closer to the end of the schedule.

Flames, who came from to tie on two goals by rookie-centre Red Laurence, took It with a third period. The winning goal, breaking a tie. Rangers dominated the first two periods, holding a edge in shots on goal. But they couldn't put the Blues away. MacLeish 17 Wat son 2. Philadelphia, Ververgaert n Oailev. Clarke 3. Picard 10 Charron 4 Philadelphia.

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Shots on goat bv Philadelphia 7 6 Washington 13 19 Goat- Stephenson. Bourne 16 Kav zveki. NY Islanders, Marshall 1 Lorimer. Gillies NY islanders, Henning 7 West- fall. NY islanders, Bossv 34 Gillies. Trottier 8. Plett 4. Game time is 8 p. Wayne Proceviat. Bobby, Bobby. Massachusetts Gov.

Edward J. Pintos: Whyettes vs. Turtles, Victoria High: Rebels vs. Alley Cats. Lansdownc Junior High. Contributions were made by the league, players and coaches, tne Bruins, fans, and state and city officials. Mikhail Vamokov scored twice with Victor Khatulev and Alexander Skvortsov adding the other goals for the winners. Rick Middleton scored for the Bruins. Broncos blast Cougars 5 Atlanta. McAdam 5 Korab 8 34 7 Atlanta. Hedberg 17 McEwen, Nilsson 5.

NY Rangers, Duguav 1? St Louis, H Bennett C. Bennett fi NY Rangers. Louis 4 7 Ogai-Oavidson. NY Rangers; Myre. Louis Attendance—8. A1J Valdai's guards were sick In other games. Dean St. Heather Boyd and Teresa Boyd scored 18 and 15 points respectively for the winners, who led 18 at the half. He leads the Cougars into Medicine Hat, for a crack against his old club, the Tigers.

Shupe managed and coached the Hat team from through Broncos, playing their first season under the watchful eye of Ginnell. Lethbridge, R. Ruff Sutter. Andresen Leer- mouth 4;0i " 3 Lethbridge. Sutter Williams 4. Lethbridge, Williams Sutter, R Rutf 8. Victoria, Pederson 20 Shields, T. Robertson 9 Lethbridge, Sutter Morrisdn, R. Rutt Sutter. Woite PenMtiet-T. Robertson V Shots on goal Victoria 17 13 18—48 Lethbridge 16 17 13 —46 -Am Barry Pederson, scoring at of the second period, was the only Cougar to come up with a goal.

Kelowna, Nanaimo, Vernon and Chilliwack have made bids to play host to the B. But they don't have to like it. It reads like so much more catcall fodder for the boo- birds. We see the Games as an opportunity to allow the other kids a chance to compete, those overlooked by the national teams. That adds up to 2, athletes. The rest of them come to town as the first convoy pulls out. Yes, the facilities are there.

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Seating capacity is 5. But what about downhill skiing? Brandon, nestled in the middle of the prairie, has access to slopes. Hardly, says Pynn. Interpretation is by no means cut and dried. Some athletes originally destined for the Winter Games in Brandon Feb. Time will tell. But, in the meantime, the Games will go on. Applicants must have experience in grinding, flotation and drying processes.

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Utah Mines Ltd.. Port Hardy. Island Copper Mine McCreary, approximately wise guys will keep jawing. By the same token, some deadlines are more flexible than others. All the names aren t in and some team trials are yet to take place. Not much should change this time, at least not too drastically.

Despite a bit of sloth in rounding up our athletes, B. So will Vancouver Island. And, because some teams are behind schedule, there may be just a few omissions. Blame the officials. She should be more than enough help. Also the lone Islander on a provincial squad, Mike Gieringer is one of the few second-time performers in the Games.

This is the first year all- star teams have replaced area reps as provincial em- missaries to the Games. The company offers a competitive wage and benefits package including fully-paid insurance and medical plans and a shared dental plan.

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Utah Mines Ltd. VON 2P0. Guaranteed against defects In materials and workmanship. Road Hazard insured. Mounted and balanced. Install new plugs 2. Install new rotor 3. Install new points and — condenser 4. Check plug wires 5. Check gas filtsr and P. Check air filter 7. Check distributor cap 8. Check hoses and belts 9.

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  • Test and clean battery and cables Price K Mart Reg. Price 1. Cake Mixes Mrs. Scotch Treat. Package 1 roll Bathroom Tissue Whit!!! Jumbo Yellow Onions Mob or Waskmgtoii. Fruit Yogurt Assorted. Celery California. Green Peppers Mexican.. Mushrooms B. Golden or Whit. Safeway or Fletcher. Sliced Loaf Lucerne Brand. Assorted Flavors.

    Assorted Varieties. Fresh Coffee Assorted Sizes land Shades. Hills Brothers. Regular or Drip. Cloverleaf Tuna Chunky Light 6. Flaked White 6. Attach to an entry, a label or facsimile from one of the above products 2. Fill in your name, address and phone number. Regular or Thick. To recap briefly, the bulbs were to be planted shallowly, with their noses sticking through the soil surface, and after a good watering they were to be stored away in a cold, dark place, perhaps a root cellar or a very cool fruit cupboard.

    With any luck, the pots na the ts should now be filled with roots ana there should be a few white root ends showing in the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. Quite a bit of topgrowth should be showing, too — pale, blanched shoots emerging from the necks of the bulbs. It is time now to start the next stage in their treatment, bringing them into light and warmth. If you were to whisk your potted bulbs straight away from the cold darkness to an overheated room and bright sunshine, leaf growth would be lush but the flowers would be short-stemmed and stunted.

    At no time, though, should your potted bulbs be subjected to really high temperatures. A good solution is a spare or unused bedroom where the door can be shut and the heat turned off, or a bright cellar window. When potted bulbs really get going, the daffs and narcissi can take just about all the water you care to give them. The tulips require quite a bit less, and the hyacinths the least. Aim at maintaining the soil or planting mix only just evenly moist, never bone dry nor soggy wet. The development of good flowers can be encouraged at this point by giving a little plant food in water about once a week.

    Once the flowers are fully opened, the pot should, be moved back into the room and away from its sunny win dow. Schreiber is my man. There are Saros series, and each can contain 69 to 86 eclipses. Eclipses from the same Saros cycle do not occur at the same place in the chart. A cycle begins with an eclipse near one of the pole, and completes in the opposite pole. Since Prince William, Catherine, and Queen Elizabeth are all born with Nodes in Cancer Capricorn, and two of them on the actual eclipse day, they now reach their 18th and 19th year cycle where the Saros and Metonic cycles return.

    We can expect dramatic changes as this seems to affect the whole family who have planets if not Nodes in these regions of the chart. While eclipses can surely go unnoticed at times, these eminent alignments seem too dramatic to be mere tabloid drama and business as usual. Can we expect important family developments, or even a change of guard, triggered by events taking place between now and July ? The first thoughts about a possible change may direct us to the elders in the dynasty.

    It seems that while the Taurus Sun queen comfortably holds on to her material incarnation, even her blue blood cannot grant her immortality. And yet, as much as we astrologers can identify patterns, eclipses remain wild cards with truly unexpected outcomes. They can promote and demote, bring significant others to our lives or completely alter the course of our lives. One thing seems certain, they are powerful activators. Published in: The Career Astrologer , June Author: Maruice Fernandez, born in Africa and having subsequently lived in Israel and the US, has studied Evolutionary Astrology with Jeffrey Greene in the s with now more than 25 years of experience in practicing astrology, with a passion for interpreting planetary cycles as a way to help others live fulfilling and healthy lives.

    He is serving as the current president of OPA the Organization for Professional Astrology and is also a speaker and author who resides in Sedona, Arizona. From in-depth transit analyses to thought provoking essays, the magazine offers a platform for writers from all over the world and all schools of practice. Current Planets. The Eclipses and the British Monarchs. Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko heliocentric. All named asteroids.